Meagan and Josh Wedding

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It was a delight to photograph this special wedding. Meagan and Josh are such sweet people and their wedding reflected this perfectly.

The simple Alabama barn wedding was featured at Southern Weddings. Thanks to them for allowing me to share it!

Melis - Mandy! These photos are amazing! The venue is perfect, the couple is darling, and you captured the magic! I am so impressed, yet again! Bravo, girl!

Creative Community: Holly Hollon

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As a sixth edition of my Creative Community blog series, I’d like to introduce you to Holly Hollon.

Holly is a brilliant designer. Using calligraphy and illustration and other techniques, she makes beautiful products. I’d encourage you to check out her site to see the vast array of wonderful things she creates.

Here are some thoughts from Holly. I particulary enjoy the fact that a dinner with her husband at Chez LuLu gives her needed inspiration!

1. What drew you into this/why do you love it?

I studied graphic design at Auburn and even though a lot of people consider me a calligrapher, I think of myself more as a designer who uses calligraphy and illustration. I took a calligraphy class over Christmas break my last year in college, and it soon proved to be a skill that I used to create imagery and hand drawn typography for my projects. I love to illustrate with my calligraphy pen, it gives great line quality to my illustrations. I made my way into the wedding world by creating invites for friends as a gift. An invite I created for friends Rizza and Richard became quite popular. It was completely hand written and decked in little whimsy illustrations of flowers and vines. I still create invites like this today, such as Lucia and Myles in these photos here. I also love to use my calligraphy and illustration skills for branding, as I recently did for Mandy.

(Mandy’s note: I’ll post on Holly’s branding work for me soon.)

2. How do you gain creative inspiration?

For projects I would say my creative inspiration comes from the client. I work conceptually, and so I want the wedding invite, logo or map that I am working on to be done in a way that represents who my client is. In order to accomplish this, I gain the needed information and inspiration through research. If I am just in the need of some pick-me-up inspiration, I find that a visit to Target or the Birmingham Museum of Art (especially the Wedgewood collection), listening to Andrew Bird, a meal at Chez Lulu with Charlton or reading Matchbook Magazine seems to do the trick.

Valentine’s Day Baking with the Brooks Family (2013)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last Valentine’s, I spent some time with the Brooks family as they baked some V-Day treats. We love these people and are very grateful for Joel, Lauren, Caroline, Natalie, and Georgia.

Joel is the Pastor of Redeemer Community Church here in the Magic City.

Also, a good time to mention that I really enjoy these kinds of family shoots!