Creative Community: Intro & Four Hats Press

I want to introduce a new series for my blog. One that I’ve been so excited about and planning over the past year.

I’m calling it “Creative Community.”

I’ve been so encouraged and inspired by the community of creative friends, partners and associates I’ve had a chance to know in this industry. There are so many talented people in our city and region (the Deep South!). I’ve been blessed to interact with and work alongside these wonderful folks and hope to build even better partnerships.

I’ll be rolling out occasional posts as an attempt to highlight these creatives! My reasons are two-fold. One, I love their work and want to give a shout out! Two, I hope my clients have a chance to connect with the folks with whom I collaborate. As an example, I would love to have a bride choose me for photographs and choose one of my friends for another aspect of the wedding day.

The first friend I’m featuring is Cory Bordonaro of Four Hats Press. In addition to being a sweet and kind person, Cory makes beautiful letterpress paper goodies! Check out her work.

I had a chance to ask some questions of Cory. I found her responses to be both articulate and profound.

1. What drew you into this/why do you love it?

I was working for a small women’s magazine when I first learned about
letterpress. I interviewed a local couple who ran a small letterpress
operation out of their home. After interviewing them for a story, I was
instantly drawn to the old time process of printing combined with an
injection of modern design. When the magazine I worked for went under, I
(somewhat impulsively) decided to devote myself to learning more about the
art. I packed bags and headed to the Penland School of Crafts for an
eight-week concentration where I was able to put a good foundation under my
new interest. It was during those two months with other artists in that
beautiful place that I just fell into my life’s passion. I can take words,
images, designs and depict them in a way that is lasting. Ink on paper, the
old fashioned way. For this reason and others, I see no small correlation
to my years working as a journalist. Not only that, though, I adore the
rhythm of the press. The clicking, the whirring, the repetitious hum. I
love that I can work with equipment and type from another century and
create new and beautiful work with it. I also really enjoy the physicality
of the process. My press (at a whopping 1750 lbs) requires some muscle to
operate. After a long day of printing and creating, I’m always worn out.
There’s nothing finer than that feeling.

2. How do you gain creative inspiration?

A great network of creative friends, including many of my clients,
constantly spurs me on towards new projects. I am so encouraged by talented
people in every field, be it culinary arts, fashion design, photography,
graphic art. Just being around folks that are get-up-and-go types really
fuels my creative fire, and I’m so blessed to be a part of such a community

3. Anything you would want people to know about your craft?

It’s imperfect. Because the process is slow and laborious, it’s bound to
produce inconsistencies and what others might call “mistakes.” When I print
with my wood type, for example, the results often yield faded, scratched
looking prints. The reality is, those letters have been around and have
been used for printers for years and years. If there’s a scratch on my H,
it’s probably because 50 years ago, a printer dropped his screwdriver on it
while printing. I don’t view the marks that now result from printing with
it as less-than. I think they’re gorgeous. It’s the human hand effect, and
I have grace and appreciation for it.

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