Creative Community: Ashley Vigneulle

As a fourth edition of my Creative Community blog series, I’d like to introduce you to my sister, Ashley Vigneulle. Ashley is a trained pastry chef, and she’s been whipping up good stuff for events lately. If you need cupcakes, cake balls, or other baked goodies, get in touch with her!

I recently had a chance to photo Ashley as she worked on some cake balls (her’s are the best, by the way, have her some make some for you for an event!) and ask her some questions. I appreciate the way Ashley applies a creative, design way of thinking to pastries and baking.

1. How’d you get into this?

I’ve always loved to bake. Working as a pastry chef, I found that making little cakes and coming up with boutique designs was something I fell in love with very quickly. My favorite part is being creative for the client and dreaming up beautiful, simple pastry designs for someone they love, or want to celebrate or surprise.

2. Why do you love it? How do you gain inspiration?

Probably most inspiration comes from watching other chefs work, create and seeing what get thems going. I
also get a lot of inspiration from photographs. When I see simple weddings or sweet little birthday parties, I love to imagine what i could have created for them, to add to that experience. Whether it’s the colors they choose or the styling and details, I want my designs to look as though you walked into a pastry boutique and you came out with a one of a kind find.

The Orme Family

Here are some of my favorites from my late summer shoot in Atlanta with the Ormes and their precious new addition, little Mattinglie.

These people are among the most kind, warm, gracious and thoughtful people we know. Congrats to them on this new little blessing!

Hannah and Roger Wedding

As I mentioned when I posted their engagement photos , I always hoped I’d have a chance to photograph Hannah’s wedding. She is such a sweet, kind, and wonderful person and, quite frankly, I wanted the honor.

It did not disappoint, such a pleasure to participate!

Here are some of my favorite images.

Hannah and Roger were very kind and gracious to Joel and me. It was a lot of fun to spend time with them, and we hope to continue our friendship into the future.

Beautiful flowers by Sherry Donnelly of Gertie Mae.

Hannah Balko - So thankful for the way that you captured our wedding! It was a joy to have you and Joel there! Thankful for your friendship! You are incredibly talented. :)