Creative Community Series: Callie Aldridge of Luvcooks

As a fourth edition of my Creative Community blog series, I’d like to introduce you to my new friend Callie Aldridge. Callie is a brilliant cook and food stylist, and the sweetest person. I really hope you can find a way to collaborate with her.

I recently had a chance to photo Callie as she worked on some Apple Flax Donuts. Umm, yes! For more details about this particular donut recipe, see the post over at the Irrelephant blog. These things were so good. So worth snagging the recipe.

By the way, more about the Irrelephant girls coming soon to this blog series.

Callie was kind to share some thoughts with me.

1. What drew you in? What makes you love it?

I grew up surrounded by food. My best family memories involve listening to
Alison Krauss in our kitchen with the smell of okra frying or a casserole
baking; it’s home to me. Even now- my brother lives in Texas, my sister in
Tennessee- we plan to come home a few days early for holidays so we can
cook together. That’s why I love food styling, writing about food and my
blog so much- it’s a way to spread that love to other people.

2. How do you gain creative inspiration?

I pray! Seriously, I really believe that the Creator of the Universe has
the best ideas. And, I lose complete track of time combing through magazines
and pulling ideas that strike me- places like Donna Hay, Cooking Light, Bon
Appetit- all do a great job with their styling.

3. What do you want people to know about your craft?

Even the tiniest change of lighting can affect a shot, so it takes a
detailed perspective to make food look effortless! In the end, it’s like
anything else- when your heart is behind it, when you love what you do-
you’re willing to pay attention to the tiniest details (like cookie
crumbs). I think the anticipation of that final shot is what makes creative
work so exciting.