Elise and Paul Engagement

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Some of my favorites from Elise and Paul’s engagement session. I really enjoyed my time with this couple, they were so sweet and Paul just adores Elise so much! So many sentimental little details surfaced in their engagement session.

A couple of notes:

These two carved the heart on the tree almost 6 years ago! The bundle of letters are a collection they had exchanged over the course of their relationship (Ribbon is from Frou Frou Chic). Paul also carved the small heart for Elise.

I cannot wait to celebrate with them and photograph their wedding in May!!!

Creative Community: Holly Carlisle of Rosegolden Flowers

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As a fifth edition of my Creative Community blog series, I’d like to introduce you to Holly Carlisle of Rosegolden Flowers. Holly is an amazing creative talent and was kind to spend some time with me. I had the opportunity to photograph Holly while she worked on some new floral creations.

Here are some thoughts from Holly. I was so impressed with her thoughtfulness and philosophy behind her craft. Enjoy soaking this in!


1. What drew you into this/why do you love it?
I think I love working with flowers because they are alive. They have a real lifespan – part of which is their time spent with me. I find that fact kind of fascinating. I love how they are constantly changing – opening and closing, their necks rising and falling. I suppose I feel a sense of responsibility to them. They come to me to live out their best and last days and I feel like my role is to place them as artfully as I can so that their beauty can be most truly beheld and appreciated.

2. How do you gain creative inspiration?

Great question and hard to answer. I think my greatest source of inspiration, the one I come back to over and over, is the Japanese aesthetic. I like how, for instance in Japanese Tea Ceremony, every single object or method used or not used is tied to a single purpose. Nothing is meaningless. Everything is intentional. I try to remember this when I make flowers. They are all connected – even the ones I choose not to use.

Anything you would want people to know about your craft?

I had no idea how much time florists spent plotting and planning when I started doing flowers. There is a huge part of the job that is very strategic and organized. I swear I only spend about 20% of my time actually arranging flowers. But that’s ok. I’ve learned to love the front end design work. If I’ve planned things well, I have created a space where I can really thrive artistically when it comes time to get out my clippers and get real.