Lauren and Chase Wedding



It was a real delight to participate in this beautiful event. I’ve always said that I want to photograph weddings involving wonderful people — well, these two certainly are! The wedding took place at the beautiful Wynfield Estate in Montgomery, AL. I hope you enjoy looking through these images. The shots of Lauren coming down the aisle captured one of my favorite wedding moments ever. Wow.

On another note, my trusty assistant and husband, Joel, had just had shoulder surgery and was in a sling, and in pain! He was a trooper, and still worked his magic. We brought my brother along too (thanks Drew for your help!).



Emily Hawes - What incredible photography of an amazing wedding!! You are so gifted! So great to see y’all!

Ginny - Mandy, this is just beyond lovely and so expressive…. sigh

Marie "Ree" Lundbom - BEAUTIFUL WEDDING, Beautiful pictures of a wonderful and beautiful couple! Love you both and wishing you all of JEHOVAH GOD’S GREATEST BLESSINGS!

Marie "Ree" Lundbom - BEAUTIFUL WEDDING OF A WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL COUPLE! Beautiful pictures too! I wish you ALL OF JEHOVAH GOD’S GREATEST BLESSINGS! Love you! Marie “Ree” Lundbom

Lane Sievers - Mandy, thank you so much for the beautiful way you captured this special day. The pictures definitely reflect the emotions & joy of the day! Thank you so much.
Lane Sievers

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